Cash Dash
Reach your goals & grow your wealth with this simple but powerful plan!


Staying on top of your finances can be a struggle and many of us dread the process of laying out our financial situation.

Using an everyday analogy, you may know and feel your car isn’t running smoothly, but you’re still afraid to look under the hood. Even if you do, chances are you don’t know how to identify and fix the problem. This is how most people feel when it comes to their finances.

That's why we created the Cash Dash. It’s simple, efficient, and most importantly, it makes you excited to create a plan for your finances!

Here are what others are saying:

When we talk to our family, friends, and Financially Engaged followers, we find most people default to the “eyeball method.” They periodically peek at their bank account and credit card balances and get a quick gut feeling on their finances. Unfortunately, most guts feel uneasy.

Some people tried using a detailed budget but, like a diet, it doesn’t work if it’s too hard to stick to. Others may track a few things here and there, but only do enough “to just get by” and ultimately fail to reach their goals.

For the minority that do use a budget, it can fall short for a variety of reasons:

  • Budgets are time intensive to set-up and track all transactions 
  • Budgets are not updated frequently enough to give quick feedback. A budget tends to be more reactive than proactive
  • Budgets force you to over-emphasize small purchases and categorizations that lead to unnecessary fights in relationships
  • Budget apps that directly link to your accounts usually require monthly subscriptions or privacy trade-offs and you still need to perform a detailed review

Look, budgets CAN work for some people, but they weren’t ultimately for us and they may not be for you either. In our old budgeting system, we kept bickering about expenses . . .

  • Does Brady really need to pay for fantasy football draft trips again? 🏈
  • Or Brady being mind-blown at the cost of getting my hair colored 💆🏼‍♀️

Can you relate…?🤦🏽

When in reality, those weren’t the questions we should’ve been focusing on.

So we paused and asked ourselves, what actually matters when it comes to our finances? For us, the answer was simple:

  • With two little kids running around, we need a tool that we can both quickly update ⏳ to generate real-time insights on-the-go, 
  • It should focus on the big wins 🎉 and not the minutiae that leads to unnecessary arguments 😡,
  • It should tell us if our spending levels today have us on track to cover our debt payments and bills 🧾 and attain our saving and investing goals 💸in the future.

So we created the Cash Dash our unique and proprietary approach to managing money together. With just a few simple updates in 10-15 minutes, we know the money we can freely spend for the rest of the month while being confident we’re on track with all of our goals

It’s an 8-step plan for your monthly spending, saving, and investing that focuses on the details that matter, contrary to the cumbersome budgets requiring you to track every expense.

As a bonus, it comes with an awesome and motivating net worth dashboard.

In short, it’s much more effective than the “eyeball method” and much more simple and pointed than a budget. Win-win.

It’s never been more important to get organized and strategic with your finances. If it feels like it’s tougher to stay afloat or get ahead relative to prior generations, it’s because it is.

Inflation chips away at our paychecks at every turn - groceries, rent, utilities, you name it. The big purchases are even more difficult. Education, homes, and cars keep getting more expensive and it’s common for people’s dreams to fade away or even turn into nightmares under crippling levels of debt. 

Side note: Getting your debt under control is critical to achieving financial success. If you’re struggling with how to pay down debt effectively, check out our highly rated Debt Payoff Plan!

Even if you’re fortunate with a higher paying career or family support, you probably feel deep down that you’re failing to organize and optimize your finances.

We’re not here to throw a pity party, so when the deck is stacked against you, we can help you reshuffle. The Cash Dash is for everyone - it’s great for individuals and couples, alike.

Let’s face it, people have different spending & saving habits, interest in finances, and preferences on what should be tracked and discussed. You love your partner, but you see and interpret things differently. That’s normal.

We built the Cash Dash to work for both the left-brain and right-brain styles. The saver and the free spirit. It has simple inputs, powerful stats, and appealing visuals to please everyone.

And we prioritize flexibility. 

It’s built in Google Sheets so you can update and monitor your finances from multiple devices - computers, laptops, ipads or smartphones (with the free Google Sheets app). Unlike annual budgets that are meant to be set-up at the beginning of the year, you can start using the Cash Dash at any time.

With a minimal time commitment and versatile structure, you can finally develop a financial plan and stick to a cadence that works and maximizes engagement in your relationship.

It’s time to get rid of the financial mess and stress and start achieving your goals. What are you waiting for?


    • Made for beginners - simple & easy
    • Unlike an annual budget, it’s flexible to start at any time of the year
    • Access across multiple devices
    • Automatic calculations and dynamic visualizations
    • Eight simple steps to gain spending insights
    • Net worth tracker to celebrate your growth and goals
    • Savings rate calculator to help figure out if you’re saving “enough"
    • Compound interest calculator to visualize investment growth


    • This is NOT a traditional, detailed budget. It’s a unique solution to tracking your spending in a more efficient way
    • This version is built for USD and U.S. date formats. If you’d like to purchase a version in a separate currency, please contact our shop


    • A free Google account to access Google Sheets
    • A device to access the internet and Google Sheets


    • PDF: Quick start instruction guide with links to the Google Sheets items below
    • Google Sheets:
      • The 8 step Cash Dash and visualizations
      • Net worth tracker and visualizations
      • Savings rate calculator
      • Compound interest calculator
      • Sample spreadsheet with example data


    • You’ll receive an instant download with the PDF, which will include links to the Google Sheets files
    • You’ll make your own personal copy of the Google Sheet files and save to your Google Drive to enter your own details
    • You’ll need to accept & authorize the use of macros when copying and first using macro buttons in the file. This file uses macros to make it easier for you to copy, paste, sort, and clear data. We will not have access or visibility into your data
    • Read the instructions, watch the video tutorial, and start using your Cash Dash and net worth tracker


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