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how to hire a good contractor

How to Find a Good Contractor

The hardest part about a home renovation is how to find a good contractor you can trust to do the job. We recently completed two bathroom renovations, so we compiled the following list of key takeaways on how to find a good contractor: How to Find a Good Contractor Ask for references – Specifically, ask …

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save money on home renovations

Save Money on Home Renovations

We saved thousands of dollars on our bathroom renovations. Back in 2020, we moved into a 1950s rambler and immediately knew we wanted to renovate both bathrooms. When COVID hit, everyone and their mother started doing renovations to their homes. Renovation prices started to skyrocket and, because of this, we decided to wait it out. …

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Savings Goals

How We Plan for ALL of Our Savings Goals

In this current season of newlywed life, we are juggling a variety of savings goals and the trade-offs that come along with them. To keep track of everything we’re saving for, we use our Net Worth and Goals freebie. This allows us to check in on our progress towards achieving these goals as frequently as …

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