Fiancés & Finances – Print
Your Roadmap to a Healthy and Wealthy Marriage

Note: This product provides the same great advice as Marriage & Money, except it includes two additional sections –  the “Wedding Planning” and “Newlyweds” sections. You should pick the product that fits your needs the best!


  • Financial program in a perfectly bound and beautifully designed physical book structured in seven easy-to-read and easy-to-use sections
  • Interactive format allowing you to simply fill in your results and complete the checklists, surveys, and questionnaires. No need to print or write notes separately
  • Specifically curated for engaged couples, who are passionate about maximizing their wedding funds and launching the best possible marriage and life together
  • 107 pages filled to the brim with practical action plans, tried-and-true strategies, non-stop motivation, and exclusive access to our proprietary tools and templates
  • My best tips, tricks, and secrets built with BOTH of you in mind
  • Makes a GREAT engagement, shower, or wedding gift for couples. It’s the gift that rewards you for a lifetime 

I am donating 5% of all sales to the National MS Society to help find a cure for everyone (including myself) that's impacted by Multiple Sclerosis. Thank you for your purchase and for helping support the cause!

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More Highlights

Choosing Your Journey

    • Delivers the motivation you need to design and achieve your optimal journey as a couple
    • Eye-opening examples of how you can get much more out of life with less effort
    • My top advice to ensure you’re both passionate about making progress, not just one of you

Wedding Planning

    • Answers to the what, why, and how of ring insurance - delivered exactly when you need it
    • Detailed conversations you need to have before you race forward with your wedding plans
    • A crystal-clear approach to categorizing your priorities on your big day so you can confidently secure your venues and vendors before other couples steal them away
    • Templates that help you capture and track your wedding costs to avoid undesirable surprises
    • Negotiation tips and strategies that can create win-win scenarios for you AND your vendors
    • My very own wedding planning hacks that saved us thousands of dollars on our wedding

From "Me" to "We"

    • Relationship advice that sets the technical clutter aside and acknowledges that personal finance is more than just numbers and is, in fact, personal to both of you
    • Insight into the Five Financial Identities that will help you speak each other’s financial language, empathize with each other’s top motivations, and limit those annoying money fights
    • Custom surveys and questionnaires that help you address those “taboo” financial topics upfront
    • A deep dive into one of the most hotly debated topics for engaged and married couples: to combine or not combine finances
    • The Do’s and Don’ts when communicating about your finances to save you from wasted time, dead-end arguments, and unnecessary heartache

Where Do We Stand?

    • The Financially Engaged filing system to master your organization. You’ll know what to keep, where to keep it, and how long you should keep it for
    • Steps for taking and sharing your “financial temperature,” so you can lay it all on the table and eliminate financial insecurities and surprises between each other
    • Collaborative tools that we personally use to make organizing two financial lives together as easy as possible
    • An honest picture of wealth, including the methods you can use to quantify your starting point and track your success

Find Your "Why"

    • A purpose-driven framework for sustaining motivation and happiness as a couple, so that each year continues to be better than the last
    • Simple tools to ensure both of your needs and wants are consistently heard, valued, and realized
    • Specific instructions for allocating your hard-earned dollars to what matters most in life

Simplify Your Success

    • A 10-Step Financial Roadmap that guides you confidently through a structured, wealth-building plan, so you can eliminate the guesswork
    • A never-been-easier, automatic system, so you don’t waste your limited time and willpower drowning in unnecessary budgets and debating every single purchase
    • My proprietary Spending Snapshot tool that we both use to gain control and accelerate forward
    • A calendarized checklist for you to track your progress as you grow together


    • My most important Day 1 newlywed tips that people commonly forget after their “Honeymoon High”
    • A name change checklist that can save you so much time and, more importantly, your sanity

You’re getting a ton of my best material and these are just the highlights! I'm so passionate about helping couples create the best marriage together, so I’ve poured everything I have into this product. I am so excited for you to dive in!