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cost of a puppy

The Cost of a Puppy – Our First Year

Everybody loves puppies. How can you not love a ball of fluff that is always happy to see you? Three months after we got married last summer, we decided to take the next step and buy a Mini Golden Retriever! #Basic. As much as we love our puppy Riley, and we would do it all …

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Savings Goals

How We Plan for ALL of Our Savings Goals

In this current season of newlywed life, we are juggling a variety of savings goals and the trade-offs that come along with them. To keep track of everything we’re saving for, we use our Net Worth and Goals freebie. This allows us to check in on our progress towards achieving these goals as frequently as …

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The Simple Secret to Success

Instagram is awesome. But in today’s day and age, we’re all flooded with other people’s success and riches (or appearance thereof). As a result, we’re always focused on results and we end up losing sight of the process it takes to get there. Sure, some people strike gold. They win the lottery, sell their company, …

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