Hannah Brady Wedding Speech Lights Financially Engaged

Marriage: The Highs, The Lows, and the In-Between

“These past four months have been the most challenging times of our lives. And while we needed the love and support from everyone in this room, we couldn’t have done it without each other. And that’s what marriage is all about. We’ll celebrate life’s highs, we’ll overcome life’s lows, and, in the process, grow stronger …

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Credit Score Credit Report Financially Engaged

How to Request Your Credit Report

We recently shared a post which highlighted the differences between your credit score and credit report and how your credit can impact some of the biggest financial decisions you’ll make as a couple. Fortunately, monitoring your credit is free and easy — as in,  5-10 minutes every 4 months. Not too shabby for some peace of …

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Your Credit Score, Credit Report, and Why It All Matters

With most of you having your school days behind you, you’re probably thinking you’ll never see another GPA or report card again. Not so fast. In order to help creditors, insurers, employers, and landlords evaluate your bill-paying habits, credit bureaus maintain snapshots of your credit history. These snapshots take two forms: Credit Report: A detailed …

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Hannah Brady Engagement Diamond Ring Financially Engaged

Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend

For those that are thinking of getting engaged, we’re here for you. Having recently proposed to Hannah in April, I can appreciate how much planning and research it takes to find that perfect engagement ring without breaking the bank. A quick Google search will tell you the average price of an engagement ring ranges anywhere …

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Negotiate Wedding Venue Financially Engaged

Pick a Date and Negotiate!

Now that you and your fiancé know how much money you have to plan your dream wedding, you can start negotiating with wedding vendors! We got engaged in April, 2017, with hopes of getting married in the summer of 2018, so we immediately started contacting wedding venues and vendors (i.e., photographers, videographers, florists, DJ’s, etc.). …

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