UW Graduation Financially Engaged

We’re Debt Free!

Today is a BIG DAY for us, because I (Hannah) paid off my last student loan today, in just four and a half years (and over five years early)! Since we don’t have any other debt, we’re officially debt free! I Graduated with $40k of Student Debt After attending four years of undergrad at UW-Madison, …

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Investing: In Each Other and Your Future

For most young couples, the world of investments is complex, intimidating, and/or not a realistic option given their limited savings. Our freebies and related tutorials and posts will help you pay off your debt and grow your savings, but how do you know where your newfound savings should go? There are thousands and thousands of …

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The Simple Secret to Success

Instagram is awesome. But in today’s day and age, we’re all flooded with other people’s success and riches (or appearance thereof). As a result, we’re always focused on results and we end up losing sight of the process it takes to get there. Sure, some people strike gold. They win the lottery, sell their company, …

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